True Path

True Path
In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump:for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 1Cor. 15:52

PURIM Sorrow Turned to Joy

There is a Holy day in early spring, about nine months after Pentecost. This day is called Purim (perem) and it describes the relationship of the feithfilled who were not living in Israel (jesserel), strangers in a strange land but not without hope. 
Ecter was a young woman of the chosen people living in Persia during the exile, her name means star in Persian. She became Queen of Persia but the King didn’t know of her heritage, just her beauty. Her much older cousin Mordicei was her guardian, he heard of a plot by an evil courtier to deceive the King and cause the destruction of the Holy people. The dilemma that they were facing was that once the word of a king was put in writing it became law and even the King couldn’t change it. Ecter risked her life to plea the cause of her people and the King granted them the right to bear arms and defend themselves. The date for their destruction had been arrived at by the casting of lots, Purim means lots. They fought and won, their betrayer died on the gallows that had been intended for themselves. Ever since then on the 14th, for small towns and the 15th of Eder for walled cities, the day has been a celebration of sorrow turning to joy. Choice portions are given and gifts to the poor. I think that it is very likely that Jesus Christ was born on Eder 14th (Bethlehem being a small town) in the year 2bc.The wise men came from the east following “his star and bearing choice gifts. They probably came from Suse, the winter palace of Persia, modern day Iran (the same place that Ecter had become queen, instrumentally saving her people.) There was a lot of influence from believers wherever they lived and the wise men were either believers of the chosen people by birth or convertion. Either way they were sensitive to the Spirit of Prophecy. I don’t believe they followed a physical star but in feith(emen) they followed the Cheriot of the Cerephim, the four living creatures that guard the Throne of the Lamb described in Ezekiel and Revelation. In 3-2 BC there were a remarkable number of astronomical configurations, many seeming to indicate royalty. It would be unwise to use these as a guide but they served as a decoy to divert attention from the Christ Child. Why would there be any physical star that any star gazer could see leading them right to the newborn so they could kill him? In the Old Testament, there are warnings against star worship, this was one of the sins of the Israelites in the wilderness . 
 Herod made a point of asking the wise men about the “time” of the star because he intended to kill Jesus. He consulted his own stargazers and no doubt received some physical evidence that explains why he ordered the deaths of all the boy children two years and under, covering 3-2 BC star events. A vision warned Joseph and Meryim to fleet Egypt that very night. So in perfect safety, the ‘star' guided the wise men to Christ’s birth on Purim (Perem ) in Bethlehem, the day of Ecter’s victory. 
The day just before that was Nicanor’s Day, remember the Nicanor gate that broke on the day of crucifixion. This also is a day to celebrate victory. It seems in keeping with the thread of the story that the three magi would have entered Jerusalem on Nicanor Day entering the city from the east. They inquired where the birth of the Messieh was and were answered, according to prophecy, Bethlehem, so this would have been their next destination. They would have arrived on the 14th of Eder bearing the gold, frankincense and myrrh. 
 There are  proofs other than holiday traditions that indicate the same time of year. 
In 2 BC Caesar Augustus celebrated his 25th anniversary and the 750th anniversary of the founding of Rome. 
At that time Augustus Caesar ordered that all men should come to their own towns and bring the governor a silver coin as a sign of subjection to Rome. (Luke’s gospel harmonies  21:5) This was not a census and it had never happened before.  
People had up until Feb.5th 2 BC to comply because that was the day that the Senate and the People of Rome awarded him with the highest of all decorations, Pater Patriae(Father of the country). 
   It would have been early spring in Israel (jesserel ) and like anywhere the weather fluctuated slightly but in the case of  Jesserel ( he will rule as god ) the weather can even dictate the date. Eder is the 12th month, barley is the key.   
cuniform barley

The word in the Old Testament for the first month of the year is abyb, (ebyb). It is a word that describes the earliest harvest-able barley, when the stalks have changed from green to pale yellow and the grain can at least be parched or roasted and offered .  
  This tradition fell into disuse, probably when the exile to Babylon took place because the wild volunteer barley growing in Goshen, the S’neh and Canaan wasn`t available for observation but there were other competitive calendar traditions common in the foreign  peoples that became adopted in disobedience. The original is lunar, beginning with the new moon in what would be the first month, but if the barley isn’t ready yet then another month is waited Eder II, this is a little like a leap year. Once the barley is discerned then begins the counting of the Omer (50 days to Pentecost ). The Passover (Pecech) must fall on the 14th eve of the first month. The word Omer is a measure for grain, it means promise and a tenth. 
  So to tell you exactly what date Eder14th 2 BC was I would have to know when the barley was ready that year and since those traditions were not kept perfectly I can’t say, but pretty close 
   King Herod’s death is used as a time marker because Joseph waited until he was told by a vision that it was safe to return from Egypt to their home .The Jewish historian Josephus recorded that Herod died after an eclipse of the moon and before Passover. On Jan.9/10 1 BC, there was a full eclipse of the moon and his funeral was on the 28th of that month. 
    So Jesus would have been born before that in 2bc. When a vision warned Joseph that the child was in danger he fled to Egypt (Goshen)to wait until Herod died. This set in motion the fulfillment of prophecy “Out of Egypt I have called my son. ”Mt. 2:15. He would have been circumcised on the eighth day after his birth, Moses son was circumcised on the way to Egypt so probably Jesus was too. 
 This echoes the pattern of exodus,“ a night of watching by the LORD, to bring them out of Egypt, the Passover. A curse of death to the first born males of the Egyptians and animals but blood of the Passover lamb on the doorposts and lintels of the Israelites protected them, they were passed over. 
     So Jesus must have been brought out of Egypt at Passover in 1bc. Perhaps he spent fourty days in the s’neh before stopping in Jerusalem (Jereselem, perfect teaching) to be presented in the temple according to the law of Moses with two pigeons or turtledoves at Pentecost. 
 It wasn’t safe for them to remain there to live because Herod’s son held court so they made their way to the north of the land to Nezereth near Gelilee again fulfilling prophecy that “he will be called a Nezerene. I am sure that many people were glad to see a young a male child that had not been killed and protected him. The word nezerene means the guarded one also clean, separate and Holy. 
    Many other writers have used John the Baptist because his mother Elizebeth was six months pregnant when Mary(Mereim)went to visit her after the Melek(angel) Ebriel told her she would be with child by The Holy Spirit. Many old witnesses hold that the annunciation by Ebriel was at Pentecost and I had come to this conclusion before I heard that .The Catholic church, which is a false church that drove the first Christiens out of Rome and founded the  false on Simon the magician and a man called crestus (“the good one”),changed the date of the annunciation, so Dec.25 would be story of the birth around winter solstice rather than in early spring. Often you will find paintings of the event with Mereim and a white lily.There is a white medonneh lily that blooms in northern Jesserel at the time of year of Pentecost. Pentecost is the giving of the law in the wilderness and Christ came in the flesh to fulfill the law in his crucifixion and resurrection, so that man could be saved by receiving the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. 
  Zecherieh, Johns parent was a priest in the division of abijah (ebijeh).There were 24 division that served in the temple eight days at a time. The priests were chosen by lots. 
At the time of Christ there were so many priests that it was very rare for one to serve in the temple at all. So when Zecherieh won the lot it was a small miracle and he was visited by a Holy messenger. His was the eighth division but there were three major holidays when all divisions served.The Feast of Booths in the fall, Passover in the spring and Pentecost. 
  The one that make the most sense is the Feast of Booths, a clear reference to the “tent” of our earthly bodies. John and then Jesus six months later. The Feast of Tabernacles is on the 15th of Tishri in the fall. If Elizebeth was in her sixth month at Pentecost, then John must have been conceived the old fashioned way sometime in the middle of Chislev (early Dec.)a little before the almond  blossoms, a wakeup call to the advent of Christ. John would have been born in Sept. Some people seem to think the opposite, John in spring and Jesus in fall, but I think that they are noticing their own character of witness, or the pattern of man and have not quite seen the Christ pattern. This seems to be the problem in many situations of perception, stars, words, points of view. 
  Ehyeh Esser Ehyeh, hei cemeck hei, two people saying “behold the light”, but many seem to pose as worshipers and don’t see the light. 
    The word nezer also means branch or shoot like new growth, new hope  
“Out of the root of Jesse will come a shoot and the Holy seed is its root.  

                    JEC             JESSE          JESUS
            I hope this helps you on the way and the light.

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