True Path

True Path
In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump:for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 1Cor. 15:52


Not a Snake on a Pole But a Bright Beautiful banner

As I developed this banner design I continued to read the Holy Word looking for insight and understanding and this I think is important enough to share. I was looking at the parts in the Exodus story where a banner is used and or the bronze serpent on a Pole, which is referred to in the new testament about the son of man being lifted up, or so we are led to believe. I use Strong's hebrew lexicon almost as much as the Bible

The word for lifted up is NESSE and it is the word for Banner.
The word for firey snake and copper are the same but the words for beautiful/bright shining shophor and firey serpent saraph are similar.
  In numbers 21:8-9 two words for serpent are used, first saraph and the word for pole NEC also banner, signal pole, ensign, something seen from far away.Then the words in the copper/bronze/mixed metal idea nachash which can also mean enchanter, hiss, whisper, nechosheth  copper/bronze.These words are also accompanied by the word for banner or lifted up NEC or nesse. 
  I have problems with likening JESUS the Innocent Lamb on the cross  to a serpent on a pole. Everywhere I look to find a serpent on a pole symbol it comes up as Pharmakos pagan magic that uses like to cure like, poison for poison. That is not how our LORD works.
  I trust the LORD as my Teacher and what I have been shown is that the people were encouraged to remember the promise of a Savior and the HOLY BANNER would help remind them when they looked upon it in the wilderness. The word for snakes also refers to occult whisperings
that try to make people condemn themselves. Hope in the LORD banishes darkness. The word JESSE, the Holy Name shown in the OLD TESTAMENT means to free, we are slaves to sin set free by Hope in the Blood of the Innocent LAMB JESUS. Through him we are made acceptable to receive the Holy Spirit.  So I do not think of a Snake on a pole anymore but a bright beautiful banner of the HOLY NAME.

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