True Path

True Path
In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump:for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 1Cor. 15:52

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beiyn We are a work in Progress

proverb 8:22-36 Honor and Integrity is with the LORD  

 There is a clear and basic difference between the Creator and Creation. The Creator is perfect, eternal and only good. It is impossible that the Creator is the source or creator of Evil or sin.
 Spirit creation had a beginning and was created innocent. But the nature of creation tends to entropic return to not being, only it cannot. The darkness resists the light out of ignorance. Only in the light of Christ are we holy, made in the image of the Creator of Spirits. I think the physical world is more a consequence of falling than what the LORD intended.        I  look forward to the perfect Spirit creation, in the Holy City, and a spirit body, promised us through the power of the Blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ
                               7nth day, rest and reflection

 Entropy as an explanation greek entrope shame-turn inward, introverted
 entropy degrades into disorder if left to itself.  BIG BANG of Blasphemy
tending back to not being, reverting. Some unbelieving Ravis think the greatest glory to the Creator would be for all creation to burn and not exist. Buddhists seek to return to the void.
     Black Hole of nothingness, the void.
  Creation noticed creation, not the Creator
 We should notice the Creator of Spirits and have joy in being!
 The problem with the free-will theory is the idea that the Creator "allows us to choose " where did the evil come from ?
  The idea does not do honor to the Creator of Spirits.
      When were Spirits created?, before the physical world of course and before all sin but, surprise surprise, what is taught is very different .
 1 at the same time as the physical flesh by the parents mating oooh nooo!
 2 inherited from parents at time of flesh, What? That is more like a family "spirit" or daemon or ancestor worship. Only Adam's spirit made directly by God similar to Islam who believe 
all created at same time as Adam, (like an Adam Kadmon). Like emperor worship, still all in bondage to flesh or creation.

 Some groups that do believe in Spirits before the physical world are reincarnationists like Hindus, pagans, neopagans or Buddhists and Mormons who believe in "Parent Spirits" having continual sex and producing spirits, oh wow how does the Mother give birth if they are constantly doing it? again all bound to a sexual idea. What gives?
 Sex can be defiling, a temptation to worldliness
   Reincarnation really does not even believe in a Creator at all, just endless cycles that they want to escape from and a closer look at Kabbalah is really very similar, although they claim a Creator, it is more a "source" from which all, good and evil emanate. A common idea in primitive religious ideas is that the source is so far removed as to basically not exist, so the whole drama of demi-gods and nature spirits, Loas etc take over under the roof of it. Atheism is no honor.
Modern Judaism has pre-world creation of Spirits but only Jews, the "gentile "world to them is made of flesh creatures that only look like people and can gain a kind of soul life through obeying the 7 Noahide laws. #3 no worshiping Idols, condemns all Christiens to decapitation 
but none of those explanations are Christien acceptable.
 And then there is Calvin and Luther who made up an idea about predestination to salvation and to hell making the Creator into one that made evil people on purpose and people who were already saved, why did Jesus die? Again really not Christien acceptable.
   No "free-will" just freed to be saved, freedom to believe
Non-trinitarian oneness no pre-existing Spirit of the Son only JESUS the Lamb the son of God the son of man. The Holy Spirit, the Father in the son, the Lamb.
 The Beyin a word that sounds much like ben, the word for son but means wisdom or intelligence, also refers to the space in between two armies the interval, to separate, understand perfectly, between H995-6 998 999
 Mechenem double camp gen 32:3 elechet  Cemech elechet

 I sincerely think that what people, apart from Christ Jesus in truth, are noticing that they think is god or spirit, is actually aether better explained by Quantum Mechanics. I come again to the idea of two lines of priests and the difference between the true name and the false. The ark of the covenant has been exposed as a scalar condenser using aether. The "shekinah" is actually this kind of phenomenon, and not the Spirit of our Creator. The belief in "shekinah" has sexual associations, a kind of flesh vanity and connected to architecture too. A seducing energy.
        The true miracles of our Lord Jesus Christ are different and trustworthy. He has overcome the grave!
Melek Becer Eten